Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Needs of the Many...

"Commander Grattan! Shield strength has dropped to 75%!" Lieutenant Arday Sindar said while trying to steady himself through the constant rocking of the Albion under the gravimetric eddies being emanated by the proton star in System NGC-1325.

"Steady as she goes, Lieutenant!" Commander Grattan responded, "Captain to the bridge!"

Captain Sobrik had already been alerted to the change in the status of the ship and was on his way to the bridge from his quarters and was already walking through the bridge door when his executive officer had called for him.

"That was quick, sir!" said Commander Grattan

"Status!" said Sobrik

"We have been caught in a gravimetric distortion being emanated from the NGC-1325 proton star."  said Lieutenant Temori Gooj, the ship's chief science officer.

"I thought you said that we were too far out to be effected by the star's gravimetric field." said Sobrik

"I did, sir. I don't understand it!" Temori responded.

"Sir, I may have an explanation." interjected Ensign Lameran, another science officer, "I am reading a localized coherent tetryon burst emanating from an object near the proton star.  It could be the reason we are hitting gravimetric eddies this far away from the star."

"Analysis of that object?" asked Sobrik.

"Tritanium alloy based hull. Coaxial warp field.  Definitely a ship." Temori responded.

"Coaxial warp field?  I've only heard of one occasion of that warp theory being put into practice.  The USS Voyager encountered a ship that used one in the early 2370s.  But I have never seen one.  Our starships have never been able to create a stable coaxial warp field." said Grattan.

"Okay, so who is using one now?" asked Sobrik

"Unknown, sir. Although the hull markings and the ship design seem... familiar..." said Lameran.

"Sir, I've identified the ship.  It's the same one we encountered in the Gamma Orionis sector last month... The one that destroyed the two Borg ships we encountered.  It's the Iconians!" said Temori.

"Battle stations!" said Grattan.

"Sir, my analysis suggests that they are trying to disrupt subspace in this sector.  What they are doing will cause a cumulative, chain reaction through out this quadrant perhaps even the entire galaxy.  They could essentially end space travel for us." said Temori.

"If they are able to disrupt subspace, all civilizations within the galaxy would be ripe for conquest.  Their gate system allows for instant travel from planet to planet.  There would no way to defend against that kind of invasion." said Sobrik, "I need options!"

"Sir, I must point out that we are at a serious disadvantage, tactically." said Zod Dtani, Sobrik's tactical officer.

"Well, we need a non-tactical solution then.  We cannot allow the Iconians to destroy subspace." said Sobrik.

"An inverse tachyon beam directed at the focal point of the disturbance might cause a feedback pulse that could cause a chain reaction within their power core." said Lishen, the Albion's Chief Engineer.

"Do it. Helm, prepare a collision course.  We MUST stop the Iconians.  This takes priority over all other concerns." said Sobrik.

"Aye sir." responded the bridge crew in unison.

To be continued in "...Outweigh the needs of the few..." ...

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