Sunday, June 16, 2013

Temopral Excursions

Personal Log, Captain T'baal

Stardate 83186.39

My meeting with the Joint Chiefs did not yield any useful results. Instead of being sent back to our own time, we are to remain here.  According to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the Federation Council adopted a Temporal Prime Directive in 2389 that stipulates that any person from the past that is propelled forward into the current time frame cannot be sent back to their own time as it would pose "seriously grave" damage to the current timeline.  So, we are to stay here, in 2409.

Most of my surviving crew are being quickly ushered out of Starfleet and are being offered positions at various scientific organizations across the Federation.  No one is keeping their original names.  According to history, we died in the Dominion War and that is how the Federation Council and the Joint Chiefs want to keep it.

I am the only one being kept in Starfleet, but I'm not keeping my rank.  My name is to be changed, I am being reduced to a lieutenant and being given command of a frigate. 

 T'baal no longer exists.  There is only Lieutenant Sobrik.

Computer, delete personal log entry.

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