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Meeting the Captains: Captain Sobrik

Starfleet Special Intelligence Report #1123A236B
Classification: Top Secret//Omega
Section 31 Eyes Only

Subject: Departmental Threat Assessment - Captain Sobrik, U.S.S. Albion, Starfleet


At your behest, I compiled a threat assessment after the most recent candidate evaluation of Captain Sobrik.

As you know, most recent candidate evaluation did not go exactly as expected and initial results seem to indicate a higher than normal level of risk associated with the recruitment of this officer.  This level of risk has not been encountered since the recruitment of one Dr. Julian Bashir in 2374.

I have completed a detailed history and psychological profile below for your immediate review as well as my recommendations for how to proceed with the subject.


Sobrik was born in 2285 as T'baal on Vulcan to T'ong and Prall.  From 2303 to 2360, Sobrik studied and became the leading expert in various forms of martial arts to include the vulcan martial arts of tal-shaya and Suss Mahn, the human martial arts of Jujutsu, Judo, Aikido, Anbo-jytsu, Tai chi chuan, Taekwondo and Karate, and the Klingon martial art of Mok'bara.  Other forms he is highly proficient in include Tsunkatse, Galeo-Manada and the Andorian ushaan martial art.  Sobrik is also an expert of blades, to include the mek'leth, bat'leth, ushanan-tor, chakra and kitana.  But Sobrik is most deadly with the lirpa.

In 2360, Sobrik decided to attend Starfleet Academy, from which he graduated in 2362; a full two years early. From 2362 to 2370, Sobrik studied terrestrial battle tactics, small unit tactics, starship and fighter craft battle strategy and fleet strategic operations management at the little known Starfleet Fleet War College in Annapolis, Maryland, North America, Earth.

Sobrik emerged from the Fleet War College as a Lieutenant Commander and was immediately posted to Starbase 257 to serve as the Chief of Strategic Operations. Starbase 257 was quickly becoming an important base of operations in countering the growing threat from the Dominion and the resurgent Cardassian Union.

By 2374, Sobrik had been promoted to Captain and had been assigned as 5th Fleet's Chief of Strategic Operations and Adjunct to Admiral Fel'at Tor on board the flagship; U.S.S. Sentinel.

In mid April, 2375 The U.S.S. Sentinel was patrolling sector 2535 near the Son'a boarder when they were ambushed by three Son'a warships.  The lead warship fired an isolytic burst that made a tear in subspace that destroyed the Sentinel.

Sobrik and a handful of other officers and crew made it to an escape pod.  While in the escape pod, a temporal disruption, seemingly caused as an after effect of the subspace weapon, trapped the escape pod and propelled them from 2375 to 2409.

The escape pod was found near Cestus III by the U.S.S. Constantinople.  Shortly after being picked up by the Constantinople, Cestus III came under a massive attack by a large Borg armada.  Sobrik assumed command after the captain and most of the senior staff were killed in the first volley.

Once the Constantinople had returned to Earth, Sobrik was summoned to a meeting of the Starfleet chiefs of staff.  The chiefs of staff decided that the origins of the survivors of the Sentinal could not be disclosed.  They were instead given new names and identities.  The truth of their origins remains highly classified, so high that only a few in Starfleet command and Section 31 know of their true origins.

As a result of this decision, Sobrik was given a new commission as a lieutenant and given command of the U.S.S. Aventine.  Since then, he has rapidly risen in rank to Captain.  He now commands a Defiant class escort, U.S.S. Albion, and has been assigned patrol duties near the Klingon border.

Psychological Profile:

There are several things of note about Sobrik's psychological profile.  The first is that he is no typical Vulcan.  His parents and colleagues have always noted that his emotions always seemed to be near the surface and ready to be unleashed.  Meditation has never served as a method to keep his emotions in check.  Instead his foray into martial arts seems to keep his emotions under control.

Sobrik also does not base his decision making process on logic.  This makes him highly unpredictable.  He often times makes rash and reckless judgements in order to attain a substantial advantage in a given situation.  Regardless of this, he possesses a high moral standard and does not believe in crossing the line that is firmly established in many of Starfleet's officer corp.

Many of his professors likened his personality and mannerisms to a Vulcan version of Captain James T. Kirk.


While Section 31 often times recruits officers with his skills and merits, it is the judgement of this agent that Sobrik posses too much of a risk to this organization's integrity.  It is the belief of this agent that should Sobrik find a means by which to gain a substantial advantage over this agency, he will exploit it with the end goal of destroying this organization.

For this reason, I recommend that we seek to terminate this candidate immediately through any and all means necessary.

As his first officer, I believe that I am in the perfect position to eliminate Sobrik as a threat to our organization.

I await your decision.

Thank you for your time.

Agent Grattan

Classification: Top Secret//Omega

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