Thursday, January 17, 2013

Meeting the Captains: Captain Triline Drilax

Starfleet Personnel Record #1123262
Subject: Triline Drilax
Rank: Captain
Specialization(s): Temporal Mechanics/ Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Xenobiology
Species: Joined Trill
Birth Planet: Trill
Birth Year: 19 November 2380

Triline is the fourth host of the Drilax symbiont.

The Drilax symbiont has a history of serving within Starfleet. The first being in the mid 23rd Century as a Lieutenant Commander on board the U.S.S. Hiroshima during the infamous incident code named the "Hiroshima Incident" where only a third of the crew were synced in normal space time. As the Chief Science officer, then Trox Drilax, was credited with single handedly bringing the entirety of the Hiroshima crew back into sync with normal space time.

In addition to this, the current host of Drilax symbiont was reported to have been pushed out of our reality and into a parallel universe where no form of the United Federation of Planets existed. While there, she met a man who called himself "The Doctor" while he was in the midst of a crisis with a race known as the "Daleks." Drilax aided the Doctor in resolving the crisis and in exchange for her assistance, the Doctor used his TARDIS to bring her back to this reality and repair the rift between dimensions.

Triline Drilax is currently captain of the U.S.S. Al-Batani.

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