Thursday, January 17, 2013

Meeting the Captains: Captain To'vaag of the House of Trov'el

Captain's Personal Log Stardate 83123.61

I am To'vaag, Son of Trov'el.

My father, who supported Chancellor Martok to the day that he was killed by J'mpok, had his honor taken by the High Council for speaking out against the attacks on the Gorn Hegemony and for the abandoning of the Khitomer Accords. My house was an honored and noble house that had a seat on the High Council for three generations. I bear the shame of my father's dishonor for the rest of my life, yet I do not feel its burden because I know my father did the honorable thing.

After our lands and titles were stripped from us, my father brought us to Cestus III where he continued to teach me the way of the warrior. He taught me that even though battle is at the heart of the Klingon, that we must also distinguish between the times to fight and the times to make peace. "The Federation," he always said, "has been our loyal and honorable brothers since the time of turmoil after the death of Gorkon." The Federation knows more about what is at the heart of a warrior than Klingons do. He proved himself right on the day the dishonorable lapdogs of J'mpok assassinated him while he was aiding the Federation peace envoy to the Klingons.

One day, I will meet J'mpok on the field of battle. On that day, I will teach him the meaning of an honorable death and restore the honor robbed of my father's house.

Until that day, I will honor my father's memory by serving the Federation as a loyal warrior and diplomat.

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